Principios de la Iglesia La Luz del Mundo

What are our Guiding Principles?

The Light of the World Church establishes three types of guiding principles for the lives of its members; the religious, moral and civic. These principles are of a guiding nature and do not oppose nor violate the inalienable rights of any human being.

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Que es la Santa Convocacion?

What is the Holy Convocation?

It is the most solemn festivity of the Light of the World Church. Its main objective is to commemorate the redeeming sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a calling to unity - fellowship with God.

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Templo Sede Hermosa Provincia


In the Libertad sector, in the eastern side of the city of Guadalajara - the capital city of the state of Jalisco, México - is the Hermosa Provincia suburb, the international headquarters of the Church. The suburb is founded on a 14 hectare sized plot of land.

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